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View ALL jGibney The MUSEUM Zazzle Gifts

The MUSEUM Zazzle Gifts Full Page Gifts The MUSEUM Zazzle Artists from Around the World - ANNOUNCING - The MUSEUM Zazzle Gifts Now over 10,000 Customizable Gifts - 5:30 PM 7-16-2010 Now over 15,000 Customizable Gifts - 12:18 PM 8-5-2010

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*13. Help and Information Don't understand How to Use Templates? The MUSEUM at Zazzle would like to Help: Templets at Zazzle When you clck "Templets at Zazzle" this is what you might see: The MUSEUM Artist Series template themuseum artists full color rack card by The_MUSEUM Say you would like to Customize and Personalize The MUSEUM Artist Series gibsphotoart MOMs know Best Baby T-shirts Click the Baby T-shirt - and You should see something like this:
You should see in the right column: *************************************** Personalize it *************************************** Fill out the field(s) below to personalize this design. Image 1 Select image Change | Clear Clear all Ok, finished personalizing! Still not quite how you want it? Upload your own images, add custom text and much more! Edit this in our design tool now! *************************************** Click Placeholder - "Your Image Here" or "Change" You can now place your Image into the Placeholder Customize or Personalize with Text or more Images follow the Instructions provide - click "Add To Cart" Your've Created, Customized and Personalized Your Own Product Congratulation! Now You can: Email | Link | Blog | Twitter | Add to favorites | Your Customized and Personalized Product to Family, Friends or Business Coworkers ***********************************************************

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